It’s a matter of perspective.


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It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed or if you’ve been beaten.  All that matters is that you learn something, get back up, and try again.  Because winning is a good feeling, but winning when nobody else thought you could is an awesome feeling.

Here I am, ridiculous workload, tutorial work, in class tests, essays, assignments, presentations galore, work, cooking, cleaning, the list goes on! And I’m still standing.

You may feel like you’re treading water in rough seas, but what I’m getting at is swimming through it, with fins, snorkel gear and a life vest! I read this quote from a source long forgotten: “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right”. My interpretation is that if you are going to spend the time studying, working, cleaning the house? then don’t do it halfway, finish it and finish it well. That way you won’t have to come back to fix it up or add to your growing list of ‘things to do’.

And now you’re probably thinking: “Yeah yeah yeah, we know Anthony”. Are you really applying your full potential to what you do? I sure hope so. Especially for my fellow university students, it can be hard spreading ourselves thin between all these aspects of our busy lives, make the effort, it will pay off.

Too often I hear “I’m soo busy”, “it’s too much” and “you know how it is”, well reality check, it’s only as hard as you make it. Personally, planning out the months ahead, highlighting major tasks I know about has helped me greatly in keeping on top of the work load. You can do it too! Mind of matter and all that jazz! You can do it, I believe in you.

It’s just a matter of perspective.



Prelude to wisdom


*GASP* I’m back! halfway through my second last session of University. Five subjects, working part time and sponsoring my girlfriend for the De Facto Partner Visa. Busy. But manageable.

The whole ‘balancing’ thing is going great, between school, work and the visa. However, everything else seems to be suffering, I haven’t been to the gym in a week, a hardly play guitar anymore and I’ve started becoming reliant on coffee.

Not to mention I’ve started applying for Graduate Positions and if that doesn’t pan out I’ll be looking for other work down the track. Anyways, this is all just an update, don’t worry, the rest won’t be as boring as this. But I will be attempting to write more inspiring pieces in the future.

Thanks for Reading,


Age is just a number


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I’m writing from Malaysia, as apart of my 2 month long HR internship at Dorinku Beverage Company. During my stay here, my girlfriend and I have met and enjoyed company with old friends and new.

We have on several occasions double dated an older couple of 27 and 28 years of age and through our conversations I have come to realise that such a gap in age has little effect on the closeness of relationship that can grow from such a short period of time.

From complete strangers, to close friends, age has been a minor factor. Elements such as interests, life experience and personality go much further in creating new relationships.

With just under 2 more months to go here, I look forward to creating many more memories with these new friends.

It’s just a job.


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I’ve held several real jobs and many more odd jobs in my life, and two things I’ve always enjoyed is the people I get to meet and the experiences i’ll gain.

I’m a few weeks into my new job, working as a computer lab assistant at the University of Wollongong. Although I’ve only been here a short while it has been the most fulfilling of all my jobs. I’ve worked as a Waiter, a Bartender and Guitar Teacher, so mostly hospitality and customer service.

This new job has required much more of my brain, which I am grateful for, as every shift thus far I have been presented with some sort of technical difficulty and have had to work my way through it to hopefully ‘fix’ the issue for the user. 

One of the main differences I’ve noticed since working here is the customer relationships, as a waiter and bartender, serving people food and drink has been somewhat boring and sometimes degrading, and customers show their sense of entitlement, for one – because they’re paying for it and two – it’s common to treat wait and bar staff as beneath you.

So as a lab assistant it’s been a pleasant surprise to experience staff and student alike come up to you with their problems, and receiving such a high level of respect so that we can solve their problem. 

But, at the end of the day, I don’t take any bad attitudes personally, one – because i’m obviously not the cause and two – it’s just a job. The point I’m trying to make, especially to all those young adults just starting out on their own. You may not always be ‘happy’ with your job, but don’t always be so concerned with the paycheck, take a step back and learn something from it, because you’ll never be able to relive those days, hours and minutes spent. So live them well!

live, learn, repeat.

My life lead me here.


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Like a candle being lit or light bulb being turn on, it was all made clear. Looking back through my life’s experiences, many of my actions and learning had steered me like the winds in a sail to this decision. Human Resource Management. It’s my second year of study and I’m only skimming the surface of what I hope to be my future career.

Looking back at some milestones through my younger years; Primary School Captain, High School Student Representative, eventually on to House Captain and School Vice Captain, and in Army Cadets rising through the ranks to become a Warrant Officer and the Unit’s Company Sergeant Major. All these leadership roles had provided me with a solid base as well as qualifying experiences which significantly swayed my decision in choosing this Major area of study.

Thinking about myself, (quite vain I know) I’ve come to realise that leading and working with people has always been a large part of my life, and also the aspects which I have enjoyed the most. The sense of accomplishment is astounding, helping others to achieve a common goal, or inspiring people so as to instill something greater that what was once there.

Good choices have always been hard to come by, but I feel as if I’ve made a great one in choosing HRM.

Why we do it.


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Days have gone by where I’ve though to myself a thousand what if’s. I wonder how we go through primary school, then high school and then university just to  learn how to get a decent job and then do that job for x amount of years until we can retire. I wondered what if I could skip all the boring parts in between, and just enjoy the good parts, like getting great marks from a test without having to have lived through all the hours of study. What if I could spend all my money, without having to endure the long days of working in some 9 to 5 job.

But then I remember, something I heard, don’t know where from…you’ve got to take the good with the bad, because without the bad, you’ll never even know what a good thing is. I’m living my life, day in and day out. Putting in the hard yards to get those results, because even though I’m looking forward, doesn’t mean I don’t see what’s around me right here and now.

Every day, every hour, every minute and every second…time doesn’t stop, so you shouldn’t either.

Old Stuff I’ve Written: Ink covered hands and coffee stained paper


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It’s the end of my third session of study as a big university student, another couple of days and I’ll have completed my end of session exams and welcoming the holidays in with cold beer and quite a few movies on my list.

Strangely enough I’ve been enjoying this exam period? I think because I’m looking at it comparatively to previous exam periods. The end of my first session exams were filled with confusion and worry, as befits a first timer to the large scale university exams. The second was just plain difficult, struggling with subjects which frankly, I couldn’t give two s*#ts about.

However, this session, being comfortable where I’m living, who I’m living with and what I’m studying. It has turned out to be quite an enjoyable several months. I admit the month of searching for a place to rent, being rejected by multiple real estate agencies and keeping up good grades was quite daunting and stressful. I’ve got to hand it to my girlfriend who helped keep my head on straight while we were sorting it all out. The whole experience made me appreciate her even more (if that’s possible?).

So as I sit here, ironically typing with ink covered hands and coffee stained paper, trying to commit books of knowledge into my cranium (nice word…I know). I hope and wish good luck to every other person who’s studying for exams, or some equally discouraging task ahead