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It’s the end of my third session of study as a big university student, another couple of days and I’ll have completed my end of session exams and welcoming the holidays in with cold beer and quite a few movies on my list.

Strangely enough I’ve been enjoying this exam period? I think because I’m looking at it comparatively to previous exam periods. The end of my first session exams were filled with confusion and worry, as befits a first timer to the large scale university exams. The second was just plain difficult, struggling with subjects which frankly, I couldn’t give two s*#ts about.

However, this session, being comfortable where I’m living, who I’m living with and what I’m studying. It has turned out to be quite an enjoyable several months. I admit the month of searching for a place to rent, being rejected by multiple real estate agencies and keeping up good grades was quite daunting and stressful. I’ve got to hand it to my girlfriend who helped keep my head on straight while we were sorting it all out. The whole experience made me appreciate her even more (if that’s possible?).

So as I sit here, ironically typing with ink covered hands and coffee stained paper, trying to commit books of knowledge into my cranium (nice word…I know). I hope and wish good luck to every other person who’s studying for exams, or some equally discouraging task ahead