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Like a candle being lit or light bulb being turn on, it was all made clear. Looking back through my life’s experiences, many of my actions and learning had steered me like the winds in a sail to this decision. Human Resource Management. It’s my second year of study and I’m only skimming the surface of what I hope to be my future career.

Looking back at some milestones through my younger years; Primary School Captain, High School Student Representative, eventually on to House Captain and School Vice Captain, and in Army Cadets rising through the ranks to become a Warrant Officer and the Unit’s Company Sergeant Major. All these leadership roles had provided me with a solid base as well as qualifying experiences which significantly swayed my decision in choosing this Major area of study.

Thinking about myself, (quite vain I know) I’ve come to realise that leading and working with people has always been a large part of my life, and also the aspects which I have enjoyed the most. The sense of accomplishment is astounding, helping others to achieve a common goal, or inspiring people so as to instill something greater that what was once there.

Good choices have always been hard to come by, but I feel as if I’ve made a great one in choosing HRM.