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First things first, Credit to: Ryan Mauskopf who created these Pokemon Anatomies.

Not much need to comment on these works, you know that saying:

“A picture says a thousand words”

But it won’t hurt to write a little something…

I remember growing up and pretending with my brothers and cousins about what pokemon we’d have if we were pokemon trainers.

Just so happens, 4 out of the 6 I would carry with me are shown. Pikachu – The electric-type, Charmander – The fire-type, Squirtle – The water-type and Bulbasaur – The grass-type.

The animated show was and still is a great hit, but I can’t help thinking back now. Imagine if it really was real…pitting pokemon against each other in fatal battles. The whole thing seems quite barbaric. Well good thing it’s not real then!